Rosalyn Chissick – accredited healer – MNFSH, Mindfulness Association

Rosalyn Chissick has been practising healing for 15 years and works in Somerset.

More information on Mindfulness and Rosalyn’s 8-week Mindfulness courses.

Distance healing

At this time of Covid-19, Rosalyn is offering one-to-one distance healing sessions for health and wellbeing.

Distance healing has a long tradition. According to the renowned healer, Harry Edwards, distance healing is the strongest healing. The power of healing does not depend on you being in the same room. A distance healing session is deeply relaxing, enabling you to connect to your own ability to self-heal and promotes a sense of wholeness, peace and wellbeing. A distance healing session always includes some mindfulness practice and self-help techniques, which are especially useful for stress and anxiety.

If you would like distance healing, you can book a session that also includes talking and self-help mindfulness techniques via phone or Facetime/Whatsapp.

Why healing?

Rosalyn’s belief in the potential of healing goes back to childhood and has been a driving force throughout her life. She brings to her work a passionate commitment to every individual’s right to flourish and be who they truly are – and has a compassionate understanding of the support we all need at times to achieve this.


Rosalyn’s spiritual path and meditation practice are the backbone of this work. She has completed Esoteric Soul Healer training and National Federation of Spiritual Healers training, and is a member of the NFSH Healing Trust, a charitable body founded in 1954, requiring of its members continuous professional development and supervision.

Having completed a four-year-long training in mindfulness with The Mindfulness Association, Rosalyn is an accredited mindfulness teacher.

Based on Buddhist meditation techniques, ‘mindfulness is an innate capacity of the mind to be aware of the present moment in a non-judgmental way…and promotes a way of being that helps us take better care of ourselves and others, and lead healthier lives. It enables us to access inner resources for coping effectively with stress, difficulty and illness.’

Rosalyn runs 8-week mindfulness courses for people with cancer and their supporters online and in Bristol, for Macmillan Cancer Support, National Centre for Integrative Medicine, and Penny Brohn UK, as well as day courses at The Barn, Somerset. She also has a background in counselling and has been a journalist and writer all her working life.

What is healing?

Healing can be defined as regaining balance of mind, body and/or emotions. It is a deeply relaxing therapy that enables an individual to connect to their natural ability to self-heal and promotes a sense of wholeness, peace and wellbeing.

It is a completely natural energy therapy with no side effects which complements other holistic therapies and conventional medicine by treating the whole person – in mind and body.

Healers are thought to act as a conduit for healing energy, the benefits of which can be felt on many levels including the physical.

A number of compelling research programmes support the effectiveness of healing, including studies reported by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH).

When can healing be useful?

Many people have reported physical and emotional benefits in areas such as:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • IBS/Colitis
  • Unresolved childhood issues
  • Complementing invasive medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Sleep issues
  • Low self-esteem and low energy levels
  • Fertility issues
  • Bereavement

Please note: whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits, healers cannot promise or guarantee any particular result.

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