Press reviews

Praise for Catching Shellfish between the Tides

(Sceptre, hardback £12.99/paperback £6.99)

An assured, graceful debut’

Helen Dunmore

Haunting and enigmatic, reflecting the power stories and dreams have in many lives’

The Times

This vivid, lyrical tale of a young woman experiencing love and loss is mesmerising…Chissick’s prose is delicious; simple and unpretentious’

The Express on Sunday

Few writers could hope to achieve the elusive, imaginative quality of this extraordinarily lyric, original novel which is all the more impressive as it is Chissick’s debut…a beguiling, beautifully written and kaleidoscopic book which catches the random twists, losses and hopes of life itself’

The Irish Times

Chissick’s achievement is to create strong, memorable characters, whilst encasing them in a hazy, elliptical narrative’

The Independent on Sunday

Chissick, a published poet and journalist, has considerable narrative gifts, drawing her readers repeatedly into a new story with a different cast of characters, before teasingly running on to the next…Spare and elliptical prose style, which is, at the same time, lushly sensuous’

The Observer

The novel exists in a limbo, fed on water and air…Catching Shellfish…has a strange, existential charm’

Scotland on Sunday

She brings the smells, tastes, colours of Magda’s world to life in a startlingly sensual way’

The Big Issue

Rosalyn Chissick’s first novel is about the power of storytelling. It sweeps you up with intoxicating imagery one moment and leaves you craving for substance the next’

The Guardian

A haunting tale…This book will appeal to many readers, particularly those who have lapped up the stories of Isabelle Allende’

The Newcastle Journal

Some wonderfully sensuous descriptions of Attic mountain tops and wine-dark seas’

The Independent

Luminously poetic’

Ms London

Praise for colourbook

(Sceptre, hardback £10.00/paperback £7.99)

Chissick writes with an intensity of feeling and compassion for her characters…The narrative is couched in highly impressionistic prose…The language is elaborately poetic, the overall effect intoxicating enough to leave the impression that colourbook is a work of some definite literary significance’

The Times

Occasionally a novel is so absorbing that it makes your world stand still. Rosalyn Chissick’s latest offering, colourbook, does just that…What makes the book so powerful is its reluctance to hold anyone culpable for what ensues’

The Big Issue

Written in extremely accessible but very sparse prose, Rosalyn Chissick’s second novel is as haunting, thrilling and memorable as her first….An unforgettable book’


The words used are beautiful, harsh realities softened with lyrical rhythms’

The Bath Chronicle

The writing has a cinematic quality’

The Bristol Evening Post

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