Books by Rosalyn Chissick

Rosalyn Chissick is an award winning literary novelist. She has won prizes for her poetry and for extracts from her novels, Catching Shellfish between the Tides and colourbook (Sceptre).

She has ghostwritten four books, including the bestseller The Gift and Mia’s World (ThorsonsElement). She has written for the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, the Sunday Times and Elle. She was a founder writer on Just Seventeen, and was one of the original Lit Chicks published in Girls’ Night In (HarperCollins/War Child).


Rosalyn is working on her third novel, Your Favourite Thing. The opening section won a competition with LiteratureWorks, an Arts Council organisation and was featured as its podcast of the month in April 2014.

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If you would like to buy a book (autographed copies available on request), or would like Rosalyn to edit or proofread for you, please get in contact.