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Healing testimonials

I have been receiving healing from Roz Chissick for a number of years. I began seeing her at a time when I was dealing with a number of complex issues (recovery from cancer, redundancy, bereavements and resultant changes in family circumstances). For me Roz is a powerful healer, her love and care have been a lifeline during very difficult and sad times. I feel I can trust her and speak freely with no fear of judgement. She provides a sanctuary – a soft, healing space. Roz is gentle, generous, kind and compassionate – a real gem of a healer.’

Andrea, Axbridge

I have found Roz’s care and treatment to be really helpful. It certainly was advantageous during my treatment for breast cancer and during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It was helpful improving some of the side-effects of the treatment. I was definitely a sceptic of the treatment but was definitely satisfied. Roz is friendly, helpful and approachable.’

Claire, Cheddar

Three years ago, my left ear went dead. The doctor told me the eardrum had stretched and was dipping the wrong way; there was nothing to be done except learn to live with it. Through recommendation I went to see Roz, who put me at ease the moment I arrived. After a few days, I had the feeling that my hearing would return to normal. I had no other treatment, no medicines. Now I can hear the clock ticking in the other room when I lie in bed.’

Pat, Priddy

I really can’t recommend Roz enough! Straight from the off, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. She is very easy to talk to and I left my appointment feeling like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve always been an anxious person, but since visiting Roz, I have a different outlook on situations and I feel like I’m a lot happier in myself. I can’t thank Roz enough – I call her the magic lady!’

Amanda, Langford

Please note: whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits, healers cannot promise or guarantee any particular result.

Mindfulness testimonials 

The therapist, I felt, was very clear in her instructions and always positive and encouraging. The benefits were huge and it was in ways that were integrated into my being.

Eleanor S

Can’t praise Roz highly enough.She is an excellent tutor and her enthusiasm for the subject comes through.Very supportive throughout the whole course.

Graham F.

We were well led by Roz who treated us kindly and explained well.  I have experienced changes in my wellbeing, mood and how I deal with problems.

Christopher B

I felt awful before the sessions – depressed, anxious, full of dread.  I have enjoyed being here, the sessions have been warmly and skilfully led…The techniques have shifted a lot, brought me a greater awareness of my self, my destructive habits and created some space, some choice in how I deal with my ‘lot.’ I shall keep practising…Being here has offered techniques which will stop me getting overwrought, overburdened – and ill. Thanks Roz.  You’re a star.

Karen F

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