Rosalyn Chissick works at:


The Barn


Poplar Farm, Stock Lane, Bristol, BS40 5ER
T: 01934 852234

Penny Brohn UK

Throughout 2024, Rosalyn will be running free eight-week mindfulness courses for people with cancer and their supporters for the National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM). These courses will take place at three sites in Bristol: All Saints Church, Clifton; Southmead Hospital; and Penny Brohn UK. Each course will include a one-day retreat and these will all be held at Penny Brohn UK. For more information, please visit NCIM.

Rosalyn spent many years working as a Healing Therapist and Group Facilitator at Penny Brohn UK, a charity helping people to live well with the impact of cancer through physical, emotional and spiritual support designed to work alongside medical treatment.

She now runs a weekly closed online mindfulness group for people with cancer online; on the second Tuesday of every month, this group is held in the sanctuary at Penny Brohn.

Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol, BS20 OHH
T: 01275 370100

Please note: whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits, healers cannot promise or guarantee any particular result.

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